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Our vision is to continuously satisfy loyal customers with delicious and healthy tropical products that help people and the planet.


Our mission is to connect conscientious consumers in export markets with smallholder farmers in tropical countries through quality, sustainably produced best products.

Takkaiah was established in 1936. The company was founded by Mr. KR Gupta with an objective to become one roof solution for all Dry food and asafetida trading requirements. Since inception it has been a reflection of customer dry fruits and Asafetida trading requirements. Overtime the breadth of the company’s activities has evolved and eventually it is recognized across Pan India in the commodity business trading segment.

In the area of Dry fruits and Asafetida specialized knowledge and focus is very much imperative, but in the direction of our experience senior management we were able to achieve many milestones. Our brands: Delicious (Dry Fruits), Swastik & Krishna and Lion (Asafoetida) are now the become the need of well known and big names of the food industry giants. Our customers include all major super markets, retail outlets and hotel industry giants. Over the period of time our product quality and supply get improved tremendously, eventually our brands are doing exceptionally well in the market. Our products have been well-received by our customers and successfully made a place at all leading Supermarket Chains. Though Takkaiah and company is primarily a trading company dealing with Dry Fruits and Asafetida, its products (brands) have ensured that it will emerge as a leading player in the Consumer Products segment as well.

Takkaiah’s staff works as a family and responsibilities are shared by each member of the family, ensuring every possible one-to-one communication with the customer is always there. The one-to-one relationship they share with customers is the key to their success in the industry. To enter with this unique ideology makes Takkaiah today, a trusted name in the commodity market not only in southern India even reaching new heights in entire India.


Management Profiles:
Founder : Kacham Ramesh Gupta
Managing Director : K.Naga Srinivas
Executive Director : K.Ganesh
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